Where to draw inspiration from?

In an era where fashion is fickle, runways accessible on the gadget in your palm, brands, and designers dishing out trends left, right and center, does it sort of overwhelm you?

While every second fashion blogger encourages you to be an individual and ‘be yourself’; how to actually find your style?

The Curly Mode, Fashion Blog, Style Blogger

Back when I started blogging, although it must have seemed like I knew what I was talking about, I barely knew my shit. I was unsure about my 'style'. Over a period of time and after lots of awkward outfits, I’ve come to realize that it is okay to experiment and see what works for you. Unless you’d try and fail, you wouldn’t know you look fabulous in maxi dresses or clog heels or even polka dots.

Here is a list of sources where I find my style and fashion inspirations from time to time. Hope they inspire you too.

The Curly Mode, Fashion Blog, Style Blogger

Instagram: Brands, fashion bloggers, designers and fashion houses are bringing themselves on board with social media in order to be more ‘connected’ with their audience. You could save pictures as a private ‘Collection’ on your Instagram and refer back to them whenever you need a dose of inspiration. I have a ‘Highlight’ on my profile called ‘OOTDs’ of my own outfits. I refer to them when I need to be stylish but dressed in a jiffy.

Pinterest: I can’t even imagine what I would do without this tool! Tons and tons of inspiration for every aspect of your life is on this platform. This is my go-to whether I am looking for gift-wrapping ideas or for a good sock-boots variation. Log on and be inspired.

The Curly Mode, Fashion Blog, Style Blogger

Friends & Family: They say that you are a combination of the five people you hang out with. If that’s the case then why not steal tips and tricks from their style sense while we are at it. A dear friend used to drape her jacket over her shoulders all the time. So, I borrowed the thought and now we are a very chic looking pair of friends. Similarly, my mom used to have a monochrome salwar-kameez suit and she used to look lovely in it. That inspired me to try a lot more of monochrome outfits. You don’t have to copy their outfits head to toe. Just borrow details and put your own spin on it and Voila!

Daily Life: This is probably my favorite source. You’d be surprised at how fashionable regular people can be, without even realizing it. There is also a lot of inspiration in nature and the details of our daily life too. For example, the other day, I saw a yellow auto rickshaw parked outside an orange building and it looked beautiful in a very artsy, autumnal-summery way. Hence, I have an outfit post lined up on the blog with the exact same color combination next. Haha.

The Curly Mode, Fashion Blog, Style Blogger

Hope this post helped open your mind to the possibilities of finding fashion inspiration.

Tell me your sources in the comments below. I’d love some suggestions.

Thanks for reading.

Much love,