What’s In My Bag?

Men: Why are you bringing such a big bag?

Also men: Can I put this in your bag?

Now, here’s how this scenario pans out in my case.

Me (carries the smallest bag): Hate lugging around big bags.

Also me: Hey, can you please put my phone in your pocket? It wouldn’t fit into my bag.


I’m one of those rare people who carry small bags and only essentials. I refuse to carry 3 types of lip-glosses, a portable mirror, a novel just in case I get some spare time on the train or even extra hair-ties.

I usually like it when the bag is small and has a long chain/ strap so that I can swing it across like a cross-body. This way it keeps my hands free for other important things like clapping like a baby seal at my own jokes or for grabbing slices of pizza. As you can tell I’m hilarious.

Moving on, today we unravel what do I carry in my bag. Considering the size of bags I prefer, I promise, the list is short.

The Curly Mode, What's In My Bag, Flatlay

Cards: I rarely carry cash. So, the cards are a must. By cards I mean, the debit cards, the metro card, Bangalore Football Club’s season pass, a copy of my driver’s license and various brand loyalty/membership cards. You never know when we might go shopping and need the card to add points. Hehe.

The Curly Mode, Whats In My Bag, Flatlay

Lipstick: Depending on the color I’m wearing that day, I change the lipstick that I carry for touch-ups. However, I never carry more than one.

The Curly Mode, What's In My Bag, Flatlay

Keys: Because I like the concept of re-entering my place. Haha.

Band-aids: I'm the queen of shoe-bites. No, really. At times, even slippers leave me bleeding. Besides, I'd rather look fabulous in those red heels with all my toes covered in brown plasters, rather than wear Crocs.

Earphones: I feel incomplete if I have to travel or run around for meetings without these babies on me. Besides, a little bit of Cardi-B always helps while you swivel around bad drivers on the streets.

Phone: It’s either here or in my friend’s pocket. Now you know why I don’t answer your calls on the first ring.

The Curly Mode, What's In My Bag, Flatlay

If you notice my daily OOTD’s you would have noticed this bag. It’s compact and lightweight. It’s from Lulu and Sky. Mine is sold out however leaving similar options right here, here and here, for you.

The Curly Mode, Whats In My Bag

Are you a no-nonsense small bags girl like me or a carry-it-all big bags kind of girl? Tell me in the comments below.

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