Well-being with Vasu Aromatics: Body & Mind

There's no denying that this year has in no way been ideal.

A lot has changed; our jobs, finances, lifestyles, and mostly our physical and mental well-being.

I was not exempt from this. Signs of anxiety, stress, and overall restlessness began showing up for me, as well. One morning I woke and noticed in the mirror my patchy skin, dryness around the eyes, and an overall dull complexion. Not only was my physical well-being at stake, but my mental calm was also taking a hit. I'd scroll through the news-feed for hours and overthink every possible scenario about the pandemic. It wasn't helping.

Then one day, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began to note down all the toxic factors that were leading to this imbalance and decided to regulate them throughout the day. Whether it was limiting my time spent catching up on the news to just 30mins per day or the kind of diet I was incorporating, the changes were long overdue.

For my physical wellness, I started a clean diet. The lockdown had left me craving junk food and reaching for less and less water as I lay around the house. I tend to eat more when I'm stressed so, I replaced all the snacks in my house with their healthier alternatives. As for my skin's appearance, not only did the clean diet help but as an additional boost, I got my hands on something magical: The Vasu Aromatics Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Claiming to improve skin's appearance and cure dryness too, I decided to try it for a few days in a row, and I was pleasantly surprised! My skin's complexion began to clear, while the pores on my cheek (a small concern that returns to haunt me from time to time) began to shrink and were barely visible. It left me beaming at myself in the mirror every morning. The oil is curated from completely natural ingredients and special attention is paid to retain the natural 'essence' in all of Vasu Aromatics' products and it shows!

When the day felt a little hectic, I even applied the Tea Tree Essential Oil to the temples of my head and let it's delicate fragrance wash the stress away: a great product to relieve headache, I've figured.

Now that I had taken care of what was outside, it was time to manage what was inside too. I used to meditate actively at one point in my life but life happened and I drifted away from the art. It was time to revive.

I placed a comfortable mat on the floor near a window, tied my hair up in a bun, lit a tiny candle, propped it into a diffuser, and cracked open a bottle of the Vasu Aromatics Lavender Essential Oil. A few drops onto the diffuser and I was smooth sailing. The aroma of the oil is just right to soothe the senses while not being light to be lost in the air. With the help of this oil, I began meditating every day without fail.

I've come to notice that, I enjoy this little "me" time; to get away from information-overload, to not stress about what's cooking for dinner tonight or what's happening with the stock market this week. It's a time that nothing can diminish, let alone disturb. It can only be enhanced just like the Lavender Oil did.

Having survived the year, I can say that it might not have been an ideal one, however, we have got to take life one day at a time. It's important to pay attention to what's happening around us, but it's also cardinal to pay heed to our wellness. Allow medians like Vasu Aromatics' Essential Oils to enhance your well-being and look after what's truly essential: You.

*This blog post is in collaboration with the premium healthcare brand Vasu Healthcare. They've 40 years of excellence and take pride in being 100% pure and natural in their processes and being authentically made in India. If you bought from them, rest assured you're in safe hands.


Bangalore, India