RakshaBandhan - Siblings and Style

My elder sister and I are three years apart. We would bicker and squabble about everything under the sun, right from who gets the last slice of cake to why we wore each other's clothes without prior notice. However, she always ensured that I never fell short of a friend.

Today's blog post is dedicated to the festival of RakshaBandhan honoring the sheer love and sentiments between siblings. So the play-down was to dress the other person according to what they thought was their sense of style. So the access to eachother's closets were given, the color palette was decided and here is what happened!

Here's how I styled her according to her personality:

She is the technically streak in the family while I inherited the creative genes. She likes simplicity and shies away from complex prints and patterns. Biased towards clothing that is sophisticated yet functional. Distastes anything that's too form-fitting and is absolutely unconcerned about what is trending at any given point of time. She favors solid hues and has a fixed set of colors that she'd adorn day in and day out.

Keeping her taste in mind, I styled her into this cobalt-tone dress by AND with a print simple enough to leave the dress looking elegant yet fun enough to keep it from being boring. Left the accessories to an unpretentious pair of stud earrings and chose some nude heels to emphasize her no-drama persona. To finish off the look a black coat by United Colors of Benetton was chosen, to take her from babysitting to the boardroom, effortlessly.

Here's how she style me according to my personality:

While my sister has always been a bit of a math genius, I've been the free spirit. I love denim and have a soft corner for all things monochrome. Would not shy away from wearing prints on prints and colors on colors. Believe in dressing for one's shape and not according to the trends in vogue. Having said that I do favor a few fads here and there. Relish the fact that fashion is fickle from one season to another and it only aids a chance to reinvent oneself.

Considering my persona, she put me in pair of white denims by Dorothy Perkins, a royal blue t shirt and an over-sized denim shirt by Wrangler, keeping my fondness for layering in mind. She opted for a pair of black ballerinas (maneuvered slightly towards safe waters) and steered back into my territory by adorning me with a black beret! (Tres chic). A black over-sized cardigan was added into the mix and the denim shirt was relocated to my waist for some added definition to my frame. To finish the look, she chose a pair of silver hoop earrings (propelling us directly to the times when we hummed Backstreet Boys's tunes and wore over-sized hoops to look Hot but seem Cool. Haha)

While growing up it became pretty evident that we were really set apart and none of our choices matched, right from the preferred flavors of ice cream to our choices of careers. However, over the years we've grown to love each other beyond compare and realize that we're a puzzle and bringing our dissimilarities/uneven edges together are what leads us to create a unique picture. Irrespective of our contrast personas there is one thing immensely similar among us: the care and affection we have for each other.

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Thank you for reading and a very happy RakshaBandhan to all of you! :)

Much love,



Bangalore, India