A Music Festival Outfit Inspiration - One That You Can Recreate

TheCurlyMode, Music festival, OOTD, Outfit

There are myriad sides to one's personality. Some more dominant than the others. There are times when the lesser known faces reveal themselves. One such oblique side is the very colorful, vibrant outfits from my wardrobe that resurface time and time again when music festivals are around the corner. Conceptualized and shot these pictures way back in March and they are going up now on the blog only because I procrastinated the living daylights out of them. Besides, as they say 'better late than never'.

TheCurlyMode, Music Festival, OOTD, Outfit

So what is it about music festivals that brings out a very vivacious and spirited side of us? Is it the comfort that everybody will be dressed as their crazy self so we conveniently wouldn't get judged or the fact that music ultimately liberates and eggs us to be our effervescent selves? (tell me your opinion in the comments).

Irrelevant of what the reason is, I just need a reason to trade in my street-style persona for that of a unicorn's. And trading is exactly what I did. Swapped my trusty ripped jeans and white t for a multi-toned mesh dress with just the right measure of cotton-candy and blue sky's tones. Added structure to my frame by belting it at the natural waist. Yes, even as a flower-child, i'd opt for defining my waist. Haha.

TheCurlyMode, Music festival, OOTD, Outfit

As for my makeup, I kept it dewy with slight shimmer at the inner corners of my eyes and my statement tinted lip. The dewy look is also courtesy of a very warm Indian sunny afternoon. Looks like it worked in my favor haha. Now for hair, there is not much you can do with curly hair without losing a handful of strands or looking like a forceful helmet. So, I went adorable and put my mane up in two ponytails, to add just the right measure of playfulness. After all, the way I intend to be dancing at these festivals, it's best if my curls are out of my face.

TheCurlyMode, Music festival, OOTD, Outfit

Now, all I need is a music festival to happen right about now so I can groove my vibrant self out to some killer beats. Let me know what type of music you listen to, in the comments below.

Much Love, Sneha