3 Ways To Wear The Oversized Blazer Like A Fashion Girl

Let's face it! No matter how much we shop or how much clothing we hoard or how many pairs of an item we possess in every color; we are still going to chant "I've nothing to wear" in the mornings. That's just who we are. However, I found the smartest way around this. So, if you've nothing to wear in your closet, then just hop on over to your partner's or even better your dad's. Not only will their clothing will be guaranteed to be roomy but also channel the whole oversized-fashion trend, that's been doing the rounds this winter. Besides, never has anybody said no to being fashionable while being comfortable. Ever.

Here's a look-book I put together of 3 different outfits incorporating the classic chestnut-toned blazer. This has been stolen from my father's wardrobe so it's perfectly oversized and gives me a lot of wriggle space. The 3 looks are styled according to different themes in mind so that you can get the maximum functionality of the 'oversized' trend without being overpowered.

Look 1: Office - wear Chic: Blazers for boardrooms are a no-brainer, I know, however, the roomy nature of the item can be a dampener for office wear. Fret not! Paired with the right pieces, there's no stopping you from rocking this baby. I've matched a pencil skirt with a black camisole and finished off with some crisp black kitten heels. If your workplace is conventional then you can stick to one color throughout the outfit. If not, then sport a colored skirt, like I have, to keep the outfit from being basic. The trick here is that the voluminous nature of jacket is balanced out by the form-fitting character of the skirt. Hence, harmony is achieved.

2. From Meetings to Mojitos: Make the biggest trend this season work hard for you by channeling it from officewear to drinks with your girls on Friday nights. You could even lace on a slim belt over the blazer to accentuate your figure or just leave it unbuttoned. Drape the jacket over your shoulders for a feminine yet ready-to-bust-some-moves vibe. A pair of stunner earrings is a great idea to stay delicate yet vigorous, all the while being the most stylish girl at the club. I've opted a light and cheery dress in mint green (brown + mint green = harmony!) so that I can easily adorn this outfit to Sunday brunches too.

3. How would TheCurlyMode wear it? Having styled the Blazer for a work atmosphere and for a fun after-hours scenario, it's time to take a little badass shift. On a personal note, this is how I wear this key winter item. I've layered it over a varsity pull-over dress in green, popped the hood and sealed the deal with a pair of white sneakers for all that additional badassery I'm going to be kicking around haha.

My favorite bit about styling the over-sized blazer was that it exudes such masculine vibe. The whole contrast of pairing something feminine with it whether it's a tutu skirt, a pair of denim shorts or even an LBD is what excites me. Just like having the best of both worlds. Do leave me your thoughts in the comments below and what other runway trends you'd like me to recreate into street style. Thanks for reading!

Much love,


Shot by Rohan Rath

Outfit details:

Look 1: Blazer- Dad's closet

Pencil skirt- Ajio.com

Lace camisole- Forever21

Shoes- Pantaloons

Look 2: Dress- Forever21

Bag- H&M

Heels- MFT Couture

Earrings- DateTheRamp

Look 3: Hoodie dress- SheIn

Sneakers- Adidas Originals


Bangalore, India