MoiFavs X The Curly Mode

With the end of the year 2017, there was a start of something new. The discovery of an online magazine called MoiFavs. Unlike other online magazines that talks about do and don'ts, the know-how's and how-to's from a writer’s perspective, This magazine takes away from the editor and hands it to the people who know things best. That is people like you & I.

So last December, I walked into their office and they wanted to know what I was planning to wear to the Christmas Eve party. This very topic led to a lovely article about me in their magazine.I was absolutely humbled at how wonderfully they captured my thoughts into words.

I am going to link the feature right here for you, so you can read all about the interesting conversation the amazing team at Moifavs and I had.

If you are thinking “why would we read about a Christmas Party outfit when we are marching well into February?”’. Well, because, although the outfit was my version of a Christmas Eve catch-up session, it can effortlessly be sported well into Valentine’s Week (wink wink).

Now, I’m rarely the type of person who wears red on Valentine’s Day, however, if your heart is tilts towards the color and some shimmer, then, why not!

If ‘diving head first into love’ is your mantra this February then you are on the right blog post. Dive in!

Adding some pictures of the outfit from the magazine feature here.

Also, leave a comment if you liked this look on MoiFavs site or right here underneath this blog post. Either way, I’d appreciate it. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely February.

Much love,


Photography by Rohan Rath