How To Find Your Style

In a world of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, every 5th person in a friend circle being a fashion blogger and the ever-changing fashion scenario, it is extremely easy to be overwhelmed. It's easy to be sort of be eaten whole and feel bombarded by all the fashion gyan that is available to us. So, how to find your true sense of style? Something that defines you, distinguishes you from the crowd and is completely You? Let's find out how in 5 simple steps...

The Curly Mode, Style Insight

1. Understand yourself: This is a key factor. Once you actually sit down with yourself and understand some of the quirks, likes, dislikes, and preferences that you have, you're already halfway there. You might be someone who loves wearing a ton of color or have a fetish for all things denim, love designer labels or are a street-shopping bawse. You are an individual and your choices might be completely distinct from the rest of your peers. The trick is to find out who you are and what do you like. Now, this step is absolutely vital 'cuz no number of self-help books or Teen-Vogue quizzes can give you a customized answer like, you can.

2. Check if you want a change: Now that you've found out what you are like truly, assess if you like your sense of style right now or if you need a change. Some of us are different on the inside and outside, you might not even be able to tell if their wardrobes belong to the same person. If you like what you dress like at the moment then well and good, we've got the perfect foundation and if you don't, then even better we've got our work cut out for us.

3. Notice a pattern: Now, everytime you shop or double tap on Instagram or hit like, notice what kind of fashion is involved. Every single one of us is drawn towards a style or two. Notice that pattern. Are you hitting 'like' on a pair of rad Doc Martens but dress in kurtas day after day? Or you keep dropping color-blocked maxi dresses into your online shopping wish-list but end up buying only the solid formal shirts? Notice the order and what you're truly drawn towards.

4. Make choices: Once you've narrowed down what you truly like and don't, it's time to put those thoughts to actions. If you're reading this post trying to find a sense of style to stick by, then chances are you feel for a tiny bit of change in your wardrobe. Now, this the step a lot of us might back-out at out, 'cuz change is scary. However, can I just add that it is totally worth it! Once you find yourself, there is no looking back. You got to sincerely accept yourself and be a tiny bit brave in embracing the changes. Buy that maxi dress, sport those doc martens through town. Just go for it.

5. Build a lifestyle: Now that we're through with the biggest segment, here comes the easy bit and that is 'being yourself'. As natural as this sounds, it's a rarity. We're so preoccupied with what the celebs, our friends are sporting and what's available on sale, that we sort of lose track of what we heartily feel for. Don't get me wrong, we should borrow some pointers from the celebs and even friends every now and then, however overall it should reflect YOU. Make a conscious choice to attach a bit of personality to every outfit and eventually you've built a lifestyle! A very characteristic and stylish lifestyle.

The thing about style is that: it's extremely personal. Unlike fashion (which can be dished out to a wider audience), Style is subjective and changes shapes, forms, and entity from one individual to another. And that my friend, is the beauty of it all. A lot of people think that style needs to be eternal and it's something you've to stick with year after year. Absolutely untrue. Your style can change as many times as you'd like, as long as it's yours. Nothing looks good on people as much as individuality does.

Hope you liked today's post. Comment below and tell me what items do you add to your online shopping wish-list but never purchase haha. I'd love to know. And thank you for reading!

Much love, Sneha