From Houses To Homes Ft. Rentomojo

I’ve been on the run for years now.

Running from states to cities, schools to colleges, and from houses to homes. This was mainly because my parents are bankers and a banking job involved a lot of shifting and transfers within the country.

Now, as much as I hated changing schools and making new friends all over again, somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the thought of traveling and starting anew. However, as much as my gypsy soul adores the idea of flowing from city to city, I disliked the concept of packing furniture and moving out. I always wondered if we could just leave the furniture back there and purchase new ones in the destination city.

The Curly Mode, Rentomojo

Enter 2018 and somebody heard my thoughts about this. A few weeks ago, I came across a leasing company called Rentomojo. I brushed them aside saying they are just like any other rentals which let you rent furniture, etc. However, they took me by surprise when I found out about them in detail. Unlike, other rental companies in the market they allow you to not only rent furniture but also appliances and bikes.

In today’s metropolitan world, with the constant uncertainty of whether we’ll stay in the same city for years to come or change jobs and move states or decide to re-do our living room’s decor altogether, emerges the beautiful concept of renting furnishings. From a layman's perspective here is what I gathered.

Renting is a much more viable option because this way your capital would not be stuck in purchasing stuff. And by capital not being stuck means investment of it elsewhere, like a wonderful holiday or a stockbroking investment.

When we rent from the others in the market, they charge us a monthly rental called EMI and Rentomojo, has their own replacement term called RMI (Rental Monthly Installment).

The Curly Mode, Rentomojo

Now the looming question was how is Rentomojo any different from the others in the market?

Well, what this firm does is allows you the option of canceling your rentals anytime that you like, while others do not process cancellations until the pre-decided duration is completed. Secondly, for someone like me who constantly moves and wishes not to be bothered with the packing and transfers, Rentomojo, handles it completely by offering free relocation of your goods. They also maintain the appeal of all the products rented from them by subjecting the items to maintenance, completely free of cost. Not to mention, if you would like to swap your furnishings after a period of time, then Rentomojo will manifest that wish also for you.

Just when I was felt like it was too good to be true, the brand blew me away with another detail. Now, for someone who has rented a product from them for a specific period of time and built a sense of ownership towards it, the company allows you to own the items at a marginal price compared to the EMIs.

The Curly Mode, Rentomojo

As I heard the details about renting and the prices of things, there was this unsettling thought at the bottom of my stomach that said renting cannot be the answer for years and years, as my parents urge me that someday I will have to hang my boots and settle down in a place, once I find a spot that I can call Home. For a day like that, Rentomojo already has plans for me. I can buy out all the rented decors, etc. and just call them mine.

Whether my plans demand me to move about the country or adopt some dogs and settle down in a place, there is one thing for certain: I will not be just making-do with the bed-on-the-floor kind of hostel lifestyle. With Rentomojo’s RMI and Rent-to-Own option, I cannot help but treat myself like royalty and keep returning home, no matter how much my heart urges to move about. And even if I do move out and about, I’ll be taking my furnished and well-maintained home along with me.

Dropping a link to their website right here and you can see for yourself the range of products they have to offer at the most wonderful quality and affordable prices.

Also, thanks for taking the time out and reading this through. Appreciate it.

Much love,