Curly Girl Hair-Care

Every 5th video on YouTube and every 9th blogger on talks about hair and preaches a haircare routine. As a conscious girl, while growing up, I googled them, analyzed them and religiously followed the routines only to be disappointed with the results. My hair texture and characteristics were obviously different and the routines were again obviously not custom-made for me.

According to statistics (extensive research during my teen years), out of 100 girls, 55 are born with straight locks, 35 have wavy hair and the rest 10 girls have curly hair. The trouble was, I was born into that 10% and not many hair-care routines on these blogs catered to my specifications. So this post is slightly different from my standard styling and outfit write-ups. For those 10% girls who feel just as lost as I used to, today we venture into uncharted waters of the Curly-Hair Hair-Care! 1. Comb: If you are using a small toothed comb, throw it away right now. It's one of the biggest mistakes we make. These small-teethed monsters weaken your hair follicles with every brush and the number of strands on the comb after a good brush prove my point. Use a wide toothed comb and don't comb too often. Let your hair just be itself in all of its glory. This will help maintain the curl structure without loosening them out. 2. Oil: Oil your hair religiously and comb them when you oil them. Curly hair too has plenty of varieties. Tightly-wound, wavy near the crown and curly at the ends, loose curls, curls depending on the amount of humidity in the air. No matter what kind, oil your hair regularly and keep them nourished. Once a week should be plenty. 3. Shampoo: Honestly, I don't know what all this fuss is about when it comes to picking a shampoo. It barely matters as long as it removes the dirt, grime and hair products settled into our hair, efficiently. Use any shampoo of your choice and get the job done. However, do not work the product directly into your scalp. Dilute it with some water and then lather it before smearing it onto your hair. This way the shampoo's concentration is reduced and it doesn't directly affect the scalp. Tried and tested. Helps.

4. Condition: An important step in general hair-care routine irrespective of the kind of hair you possess is conditioning. This helps provide the smooth texture and keeps your locks looking shiny and healthy. A word of caution though, do not work the conditioner into your scalp, I repeat, do not. Apply a generous amount just onto the length and the ends of your hair. Leave it on for about 5 mins and rinse with cold water. Another tip to remember is to condition your hair every alternate time you wash it. The curly hair texture is different from our straight-haired girlfriends hence we have to do a few things differently. Sure we would love some shiny locks every week but trust me if your curls are conditioned too often they'll soften and hang limp. Which is a no-no? Hence the every-alternate-week routine can be followed. 5. After-wash: To make sure the curly girls never have another bad-hair-day; do not comb on the days you wash your hair. Use a hair serum of your choice if your hair seems dry and scrunch it upwards while it's still damp. This is will retain the spiral texture without releasing the curls. And then let it air dry completely.

Additional Tip: You can relate when I say that on the days we wash our hair, we feel on top of the world. We find ourselves slowly descending that mountain as the days pass. On those days moisten your hair with a spritz of water for an immediate curl-boosting effect. Just dampen it slightly, scrunch it back up, let it air-dry naturally and find yourself with structured and gorgeous curls all week. Tried and tested. Works like a charm!

A lot of girls do not embrace the wonderful mess that curls are. They try to restructure it, change it, iron it, discipline it in so many ways. Accept the fact that sometimes your hair will just not cooperate, that some mornings your hair will have a mind of its own and that your hair will feel greasy and fall flat, that bad-hair-days do exist. All this will balance itself out when you grab attention as soon as you walk into a room or when girls compliment your locks in public restrooms (let's face it, guys will flatter you but fetching compliments from girls is hard work) or when you get gum stuck in your hair and have to chop off a few strands but can easily cruise through the damage unnoticed. At the end of the day, YOU are your longest commitment and that's why it should be all about accepting and loving yourself in all your glorious ways. Including loving your hair and treating it right. Do tell me if my suggestions helped you and what things you girls do differently and if it works for you. I would love to hear them in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Much love, Sneha

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