Can Art Make You Money?

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I need to ask: What is Art according to you?

If you take out a minute and pensive over that question and have a fair idea of the answer then this blog post is going to hit all the right spots.

Now, rerouting to the topic: Can art in any form make you money?

A huge chunk of what it is that we do every day in our daily lives are connected to two factors: Money and Validation. What if you could attain both facets through art?

Art in any of its form, whether its dance, sandcastle building, puppeteering or fashion blogging is extremely subjective. While you may love it and intend to return to soak more of it, your friend might have ten things about the same form that could've been executed differently to appeal to them. The subjectivity in itself is the beauty of art.

Having established the fact that art is not bound by a set of directive and shifts shape depending on who observes it, can it be sold, shared, traded and transferred to another person in exchange of monetary benefits? Can one sell their vision to another and make money off of it?


However, the only element to incorporate to while selling Art is, does the person looking to buy it, needs it?

Let me rephrase that without the italics. My art in whatever its forms will sell and make me money if and only if, someone out there willing to buy it, genuinely needs or wants it.

For example, let's say I make Coffee Art. I illustrate sunsets onto Hazelnut Cappuccinos and a grinning piggy in your Cafe Au Lait. So, I take my skills, hon it, evolve it and find value in it. Then approach a coffee shop that wants to appeal to their customers by the means of more than just well-brewed beverages. I offer them my skills as a visiting barista thrice a week who will teach their staff the art of curating messages in the froth for a chargeable fee. Or I could start a no-investment YouTube channel that starts off as "re-creatable coffee art tutorials" and then evolves into "coffee art for experts", in due time offering online courses to learn the same.

The trick here is, someone out there needs the additional edge in their coffee. The cafes need it to keep their customers returning for more and the coffee drinkers, for that moment of delight when the cup arrives at their table.

Now, this is just an example, of course. There are a number of ways you can channel your skills that ignite your soul to bring in the income to learn and indulge more in your art-form. A common misconception is that if you monetize out of your "passions" then you are a sellout. "You sold your soul to bring in the numbers."

Not only is that statement demeaning to your craft but also to the faith you vest in your abilities. I say, take your art, see if anybody wants it, trade/ transfer/ sell it.

Take the money, make more art to flood your soul.

Picture by Portray The People - Taha Zaidi

Styled by Elizabeth John