5 Steps to be Well-Dressed on a Budget

Being 'stylish' is not on everybody's agenda. Not everyone wakes in the morning hoping to put together an outfit that's Instagram-worthy. Some people are just trying to get from point A to point B while looking presentable. Hence, this post is for all those girls/women out there who just want to be well-dressed without having to break the bank.

Back in college, I used to be given a fixed allowance to shop and I would buy cheap, trendy items at the time. My cupboard was full with label-less, inexpensive, low-quality clothes that I would buy on a whim. I would wear them a maximum of 4 times and then discard them saying they were out of shape, not in trend or my favorite 'doesn't suit me anymore'. I loved the high of wearing new items every season, yet I would open my closet and find absolutely nothing presentable when I needed a good outfit. A couple of years later I've realized (thanks to pictures that now make me cringe), the difference between being trendy and well-dressed. While being trendy is fun and all, being well-dressed however never goes out of style. I've jotted down 5 simple steps to being well-dressed for any occasion all the while without spending yourself dry...

1. Build a capsule wardrobe: Every fashion blog has preached this at one point or another because this is absolutely essential. Items like a crisp white shirt, a well-fitted pair of denim etc are wearable season after season. They're a sort of foundation that can be used to build a ton of fashionable outfits. Get these right and you'll never be out of options for those impromptu meetings or coffee dates.

2. Choose quality over quantity: Now you might be going like 'Hey quality products cost more! What happened to stay on a budget?'. Well, the thing is, when you purchase the staples like your denim or that well-tailored suit for work, these are the items that are used often and hence its required that it lasts you a longer period rather than buying thrifty stuff and having to replace them often. Choosing quality over quantity for your capsule-wardrobe items will save you money in the long run. And here our parents thought we didn't know anything about investments. Haha.

3. Understand what works for you: You've to take a good, long look in the mirror and understand what kind of body structure you have, the skin tone you possess etc and build a wardrobe around it. Understand what colors suit you, the kind of designs that highlight your best features, your sartorial preferences and then stock up on them. Throw out everything that no longer fits or is not your taste anymore. By doing so, you will build an understanding of what you 'need' and that I turn will deter you from buying things that you simply 'want'.

4. Accessorize: The easiest trick to bring an element of yourself into the outfits while being well put-together is accessorizing. Even if it's a regular blue jeans and white t outfit, pairing them with quality accessories can really elevate a look. For example a simple pair of ballerinas, an elegant pair of earrings or simply a good belt can go such a long way. You can thrift the accessories so it's okay if they are inexpensive and don't last too long. Being well-dressed is also far from boring so switch the accessories depending on your mood or occasion.

5. Assemble beforehand: Let's face it, nobody has left their home completely presentable after they've hit the snooze button 8 times and thrown on an outfit in a rush. An elementary secret that a lot of well-dressed women don't tell you, is to decide your outfits for the next day, the previous night!

It might seem like a tasking job especially if you've already had a long day, however, this simple habit will save you a ton of time the next morning. If you've hit the snooze 8 times already then the chances of you being in a good mood while picking an outfit in the morning are rather slim. Haha. Try this little trick for a week and I will be right here if you want to come back and thank me, after. :)

We're all trying to get from point A to B, might as well do it, looking wonderful :) Hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you did, tell me in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

Much love, Sneha

Shot by Sushanth N S

Location courtesy Mr. Beans's Home Cafe, Bangalore


Bangalore, India