Caramel Knits and Compassion

Its that time of the year again! All my favorite C’s in a single month: Christmas, Carols, Classic Christmas movies, Chill weather, Crisply wrapped presents, Cutesy greeting Cards, Cuddles and of coarse Cake. Yes definitely cake. Why laud about this season when all that most of us are going to end up doing is, binge-eat on those fruitcakes and spend the new years trying to hide the food-baby? Because along with the much-relished Apple Puddings comes the opportunity to play Dress Up. Hence we cheer. Yay!

This Christmas the inspiration is the confectionery counter. I adorned a ruby red overlap-skirt to characterize the Red Velvet cupcakes that I sought-after the most, on any dessert cart. Next came the Caramel-draped everything in the form of this honey-toned round neck chunky sweater from People that I’ve tucked-in to hide my food-baby. Shh. This is also a great choice to keep yourself snug during those chilly carol singing nights without losing any points on looking lovely. The whole look is pulled together with some tasteful accessories in the form of a black sling bag from Toniq and some magical stilettos from MFT Couture, both with gold details, elegantly complimenting the mustard and rust tonals of the outfit. Last but not the least, I replaced the cherry on our cakes with an understated yet flavorsome classic black french beret and elevated it from just a church attire to a thorough chic outfit.

A small reminder here (out of topic yet important), to be kind to one another, spread the cheer to the less fortunate ones, help the ones in need even if its in the tiniest way possible, stay patient with the world, embrace your flaws, vow to yourself to be better than you were yesterday, forgive people liberally and ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, because its a short holiday season and an even shorter life. This brings us to the end of a sumptuous and lovingly-made holiday blog-post. Do tell me your thoughts about how this look has been styled and what delicacies are your seasonal favorites, in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and a very Merry Christmas everybody!

Much love, Sneha

Photography : Tamil Tilagam MUA : Leema Chang