3 Ways to wear a Shift Dress - Look #2 The Desi

Do you have friends who are shopping all year round? The kind who cannot pass through a store without buying something? The kind who walk into malls to purchase just a pair of socks but leave with 5 bags instead? The ones who have so many options in their closets that they feel lost? Yes, I know them too. While some people have the luxury to possess everything they fancy, be a Smart Cookie instead and shell out cash on items that can be worn in more than one ways. Stuff that can be transformed into a whole new outfit with just a quick change of details.

In the last post we explored how to turn a simple shift dress into the perfect ensemble for a tomboy around the corner. This week its time for Look #2- The Desi. I’ve swapped the green Converse for a pair of embellished slippers and dropped the hat for some free-flowing curls. Also, adorned a pair of Jhumkas and stacked up on some ethnic bangles for a desi feel. An easy sure-shot way of diverging an outfit into the Indie lanes are to throw on lots of junk jewelry. Pile up on the bangles and bracelets in different textures for a fun look. I’ve opted for the earrings in a silver tone so that all the accessories are from the same color family.

I cannot emphasize enough what a huge role accessories play while changing up an outfit. As you can see in this post a simple switch to the earrings, bangles and the embellished flats has taken me from being a cool kid to the sweet desi girl who loves her roots just as much. Revising the look of an outfit from one occasion to another has now been decoded. By buying adaptable pieces not only will you save up on a lot of cash but also picking a outfit for any event at the final hour and packing for holidays will be a breeze hereafter. Do tell me what you thought about the choice of fineries this week. Stay tuned for the next post unveiling the last and final look incorporating the Pink Shift Dress. See you soon and thanks for reading!

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Photography : Varun Narayan MUA : Pallete by Pooja and Priya Photo editing : Sandeep Kumar R