Break The Basics

Black shorts. Boxy pale-pink top. Black shoes. Black bag – Everyday.

TODAY – Black shorts. Boxy pale-pink top. Grey belt. Red Mojris. Color-blocked bag.

While sticking with the B/W basics might seem comfortable, a little experimentation is where all the fun is at. I’m a huge sucker for simple details in everyday outfits. They are the ones that make or break a look.

I’ve worn a pair of red leather Mojris with colorful embroidery on them to keep it unpredictable. To compliment the red hue of the shoes, I’ve swapped my everyday black bag for something with a little more drama to it. A little trick is to match the hues of your shoes and bag. This way the outfit is easier on the eyes and it builds a sense of harmony and balance to the whole ensemble.

The cherry to out cake is the belt. A belt worn over your natural waist, right underneath the bust enhances your waistline, hides any flab and accentuates your curves. I tamed my roomy top with a waist-cinching one . A win-win all the way!

This outfit is perfect for a modern office environment, a day of just breezing through the mall or a cute lunch date.

Now let’s take a step back and have a nice, long look. What’s been done here is, simply breaking the chain of basic choices:

Breaking the roomy nature of the top with a fitted belt. Breaking the black and white monotony of the top and shorts with red details in the form of the bag and shoes. Also, swapped my basic ballerinas for some characteristic Mojris. I've done my bit, now you go be a rule breaker TODAY.

Do let me know what you thought of how I’ve styled this outfit and if the pointers inspired you to break the basics and how!

Much Love Sneha

Photography by Varun Narayan