The Easy Laidback

A outfit can go from Meh to Major if and only if a tiny bit of attention is paid to the subtle details.

Often, pairing loose with loose items and tight with tight pieces ends up looking like we aren't trying hard enough or that we are trying way too hard. Both of which we need to steer clear.

The summer heat is just taking a toll on me, so I wore this printed palazzo pants from The Wearhouse Camel shop to keep my look airy (this will also hide a few body flaws and give a polished appearance), along with a figure-hugging tank top. Notice how I've played with the volumes here-balancing the billowy pants with a fitted top. The sweet sweet balance that we were looking for.

For days when you shy away from tank tops and baring arms, throw on a delicate cardigan or a shrug in a muted tone. Do not choose long chunky sweaters or anything that’s too heavy in texture as this will weigh down the whole attire.

For accessories, I’ve brightened the look with a pair of gold and tan slippers from Westside and a tan bag which i picked up from Bangkok.

This is a perfect ensemble, for the sweet summer days lazing in the park or for a laidback afternoon exploring the nameless streets of your city. For the days when comfort is ranking high in your priorities, this could be your go-to outfit.

I would love to hear if the pointers I gave helped you out and what you thought of how this look has been styled. Do leave your inputs in the comments below and I will see you in the next post. Thanks for reading!

Much Love Sneha

Photography by Varun Narayan